Why we like so much the melanosporum truffle?



TheMelanosporum truffle or Winter black truffle has a taste and aroma unique.


People like to compare with other food or other things, to express this taste so special.






However, we can’t express our sensations because the melanosporum truffle has a mixture of tastes and aromas that we can’t express.



I like to speak about sensations, when I walk in the country, sensation of land, wet, tree leaves…  

But when I walk along the beach too: salt, iodine, aroma of shellfish,a sensation of happiness, peace.


Sensations and feelings. 

When people eat Black truffle,we hope to share with people that we love, you partner, you friend, you family, always a special time.
                                                         Restaurant : A vector illustration of a young couple having dinner at an upscale restaurant
Is the allure of the truffle.
Coming to Sarrión! In Teruel, Spain and you will feel this.
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