How to use the Summer truffle?


The Summer truffle,Tuber Aestivum, has different flavor to the Winter truffle, Tuber Melanosporum or so-called Black Truffle.
   Its flavor and aroma is less intense but it leaves a special flavor in the dishes, is not indifferent to people who taste it.
By having a milder flavor , personally, I like to use in pasta salads, vegetables, appetizers with cheese or foie.
This salad has lettuce, nuts, olive oil, vinegar of Modena and slices of Summer truffle. Refreshing and tasty for Summer!
Foie, vinegar of Modena and slices of Summer truffle. Do you like it!
Simply on toast with a little oil and salt. Try them!
In my town, Sarrion, Spain, we are lucky to collect Black truffles and Summer truffles.
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