Are there truffles in Spain?




  Yes, there are! One of the best kinds in the world!

In Teruel, where we have our company Manjares de la Tierra, we are lucky to have the best black winter truffle, the Tuber Melanosporum, we also have a good summer truffle as is the Tuber Aestivum.
   The black truffle of Teruel is the same as the so-called Perigord truffle. Both are Tuber Melanosporum but the Perigord ones have such a name because of the place where those truffles were grown and also begun to be known.
   Little by little the Spanish black truffle is being known around the world, it has a unique flavour and excellent aroma.

   Teruel is a cold and arid land where the Continental weather causes quite often damages in the crops of cereals and fruit. Regardles of that, we have this fungus treasure in our land and it was only 65 years ago when it was discovered and started to be searched so, people still don’t know the great quality of the Spanish black truffle.

If you want to enjoy this recent treasure from Earth, visit this link that talks about our product and also our village.


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