Slice the truffle very thinly.
Cut the potatoes in 5cm slices, and boil them in salted water. Drain.
Wash the corn salad. Make a vinaigrette with 2 dl oil and 1 dl vinegar. Place 5 slices of potato in the centre of the plate. 
Place the truffle on top, and arrange the corn salad around it.  Drizzle vinaigrette over all.
100g fresh Black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) by Manjares de la Tierra, cleaned
100g corn salad
400g potato
Extra virgin Truffled oil by Manjares de la Tierra
1 dl wine vinegar
Salt and pepper
Manjares de la Tierra Products 
Fresh Black Truffle
Variety: Tuber Melanosporum/ Tuber Aestivum


Ingredients: Fresh truffles Tuber Melanosporum/ Fresh truffles Tuber Aestivum

Presentation: In a polyethylene package and cold accumulators (dry- ice bags)

New! Truffled oil 
Variety:Tuber Melanosporum       
Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, tuber melanosporum, aroma        
Presentation: Bottle 100 ml           
NW: 100 ml
DNW: 100 ml
Uses: To dress
For further information you can link to our official web site (English version avalaible): , or you can contact us directly at our email: You are welcome !


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