Black Truffles. The key factors that make a diamond really valuable.


This is the more appropriate sentence to introduce the Black Truffle. Welcome to the most hidden and valued Spanish food culture.

This article is addressed to all enthusiasts and gastronomy lovers who sometimes find in the meal a perfect way to release the deepest tasty feelings. It is a present of the land, a breeze of nature, the wildest land product which it launches you in thousands of different opportunities to sample one of the biggest secrets of the Mediterranean culture. It is not only because of the pleasure and chance of tasting one bite of the “mother land”; it is also because the previous and unique harvest experience.

Truffle «The Black Diamond of Sarrion»


The mode that farmers get this delicious and singular fungus is from Teruel (Spanish Province), where the harvesters make a silent collection throughout oak and hazel fields.
The entire process of culture and harvesting is the responsible of a particular gastronomic experience, that you will never forget it. 

“It’s the diamond of the cook” It is the sentence that always Jose Mari Arzak pronounces to refer to this unforgettable and intense flavoured delicacy. The Black Truffle involves a brilliant handmade process that is just increasing the properties and value of the “land found” fungus.
Black Truffles by Manjares de la Tierra
We hope this article will be useful to show that diamonds are not only found in nice and fancy fashion jewellery, diamonds would also be found as a part of one dreamed meal… Are you ready for this experience?
By Daniel Esteban
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