Black Truffle Omelette Recipe


The preparation process of Fresh Truffles must be taken very carefully to make sure their unique properties stay unchanged to fully enjoy its advantages. Their taste and aroma are subtle and could easily be hidden by stronger flavours, because of that we will always recommend partnering Truffles with ingredients not too strong such as pasta, rice, potatoes and eggs.
White Truffles are normally better served slightly warmed up, or simply in their raw form with its shavings spread out over fresh pasta, rice or egg based dishes.
Black truffles, in contrast, have more robust aroma and taste, and can be used in both ways, raw and cooked, to create rich and full flavoured sauces or dressings.
WARNING; Fresh truffles are highly perishable, please refrigerate on receipt.
Here is one of our favourite fresh truffle recipes:
Ingredients (breakfast for 4 people):
25 grams of Black Truffles (Melanosporum or Aestivum) finely grated.
6 Eggs (stored overnight with the fresh truffles)
60 ml Milk
4 slices of bread rounds
Salt and Pepper


Beat the eggs, milk, salt, pepper and the finely grated Truffles in a small bowl. Lightly toast the bread slices on each side and spread some butter on them. Melt a tablespoon of butter in a non stick pan and lightly cook the egg mixture. Finally spoon the egg mixture over the toasted bread and enjoy the meal!
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