Varieties of truffles


People are interesting in to know about the truffles because becoming increasingly is best known. There are programmes of cooking on Tv, articles in magazines and there are many restaurants that they have truffle in your menu.
There are many truffles but the most important for the cooker are this varieties that I go to explain:
Tuber melanosporum
    This truffle is the black winter truffle, also known as Périgord truffle. The Spanish production of Tuber melanosporum represents 40% of global production. Black winter truffles vary in size. Its aroma is intense and persistent, difficult to define. Always use black winter truffles if cooking the truffle as the aroma are deeper and longer lasting than the white truffle. Its appearance is when is cleaned jet black: They are externally coated with black warts, sometimes reddish at the base. The inside of the truffle is purplish-black and streaked with white veins.
Black winter truffles are associated with the roots of oaks and hazels in limestone terrains. They ripen from December to March. Harvesting must be conducted by specially-trained dogs.

Tuber magnatum

The white Alba truffle grows wild only in some regions of Italy and in Istria. Their season is very short, from late September to late November, according to region.
White truffles vary in size from a walnut to a fist. They have a smooth surface, lightly velvety, pale ochre to dark cream. Its flesh or “gleba” is darker, reddish brown, with a tenuous white veining. It is a very delicate truffle and it spoils in a few days. Its aroma, a mixture of methane gas and garlic, is very volatile and therefore, delicate white truffles are best when not cooked at all, but shaved raw over your favorite dish.                             
Tuber Aestivum
Black summer truffle, also called «Truffe de la Saint-Jean». It looks externally like the black winter truffle but warts are larger and it is beige inside, marbled with white meandriform veins. This is the most common truffle and can be found throughout Europe from May to September. Its aroma is very different and delicate than the black winter truffle, but its lower price and virtually all year availability, makes this truffle a very good choice for testing new recipes. Summer black truffles are great for beginners and experts. 
If you have the occasion you will have to try them, they have different flavor  but all are very tasty!


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