The mystery of the Black Truffle.


We know or think we know whole Black Truffle but there isn’t  a year the same to another year.
We think we will have a good campaign and that it will be good harvest and then it starts to get hot and it’s not raining in months.
So is the Black Truffle, Unpredictable!
Since its beginning, It  need weather conditions for their development.
The Black Truffle lovers all year round are thinking if it rains in Spring, Summer storms, the weather in Autumn so that they mature and if it’s cold in Winter but not excessive.





But all this means that we have increasingly more the desire to appear the Black Truffle in late November, we feel the need to smell, taste, see and discuss with our friends or the  family the new harvest, the pleasure of savoring a beautiful and enigmatic black truffle.






If you want to try and know more about the Black Truffle visit our website:

Manjares de la Tierra is in Sarrión, Teruel, Spain.

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