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In Your Kitchen

The famous French gourmet and writer Jean-Anthelme Brillat -Savarin called truffles "the diamonds of the kitchen". Undoubtedly, the truffle is the best ally for sophisticated dishes and enriches those timeless recipes which you can surprise your guests with.

As an ingredient or condiment, the truffle is a perfect delight for all palates. Do you want to know how?

We want to inspire you in your kitchen with our recipes—perfect for you to get the best out of our products.

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Handling and Preservation Tips for At Home

If you buy fresh truffles at our shop, we supply them with the covering soil already cleaned off. And so to keep it at home you can wrap it in absorbent paper and store it in a container in the refrigerator.

To truffle eggs we simply need eggs in their shells, a truffle and a jar that can be closed tightly. Introduce the truffle and the eggs in the container and as egg shells are porous they will absorb the aroma of the truffle. Close the jar and put it in the fridge, then after two or three days we will have some delicious truffled eggs and when you cook these eggs, you will have an authentic delicacy.

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