Types of Truffles

BLACK WINTER TRUFFLE (Tuber Melanosporum)

Its season is from November to April.

This is the truffle which is most valued and appreciated in the kitchen with its delicate and penetrating aroma. Once tried, it is difficult to forget; its value and performance are unparalleled.

Its sensory nuances vary depending on the land where it grows. Outwardly the truffle has a rough texture, rounded shape and usually weighs no more than 200 grammes. Its outside hue goes from brown to black according to its ripeness and it has a black inside with fine whitish branches (glebe).

Rainfall during the summer season is very important for this variety of truffle along with summer storms, during which it is forming.

SUMMER TRUFFLE (Tuber Aestivum)

Its season is from May to September, with an outside shape that is similar to the melanosporum, but it has a much more pronounced pyramidal crust with a cream or hazel inside.

Its aroma and flavour is much smoother than the black truffle or melanosporum, since it is a fungus of the summer season which means it has softer characteristics.


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