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El campo como fuente principal de nuestro oro negro y los perros adiestrados, han sido esenciales para la localización de las trufas que crecen bajo la tierra.

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The countryside as the main source of our black gold along with trained dogs have been essential for locating truffles that grow underground. But the truffle, like all precious materials, needs careful handling, which we take charge of at Manjares de la Tierra with loving care and delicacy as experts in the cleaning and handling of the product.

Stemming from these origins, the idea of ​​launching our own project arose—fruit born out of the dream of three women, Mercedes, Lola and María Jesús. In 2003, we saw there was a need to promote the value of our roots and region as the producer of the best truffles. Creating a new business model in Aragón, we became the first truffle canning company, which was created for and dedicated to this product.

It is one of our main goals to share and teach the wonders of this product. Our company was created for the truffle. We are passionate about our way of life and everything surrounding the sector. We are proud to work with this product and it is our mission that anyone who so desires, can enjoy truffles and discover them. It is easy for us to share the secrets of this product since we enjoy what we do, and that's why we have kept the same hope and enthusiasm as when we first started. Our work has enriched us as people: we have evolved, learning from our experience, and now know all the secrets of the truffle thanks to our dedication and continuous involvement in the sector.

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María Jesús or Chusa, as we all know her, is our production manager, managing and selecting each truffle before it leaves our premises. With more than 15 years of experience in the sector and a deep passion for truffles, she is responsible for keeping our store up to date and checking that every single one of our products is made with the care and dedication which has become the hallmark of Manjares de la Tierra.

Her favorite product is Truffle Brandy, "I use it a lot in my cooking—tomato sauce, meatballs... everything bears the seal of Manjares de la Tierra!"

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Lola is responsible for accounting at Manjares and brings all our paperwork up to date while keeping a firm hand on the manufacturing processes. Lola is in everything— overseeing the preparation of our truffles in their juices and managing the payments.

An All-Rounder Woman. Everything she knows about truffles has been learned at Manjares—the brand and her are one.

Lola's flagship product is Foie Gras with Truffles, "I love it, for me it's the best I've ever tasted, just on toast— it's my special moment".

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Estefanía is our most recent addition as sales manager. She speaks English, French and a smattering of Italian.
She manages logistics and orders. She comes from a family of truffle farmers and as such her dedication and enthusiasm for Manjares, truffles and Sarrión permeates all her work.

Estefanía recognizes her weakness for Manjares Oil, "Being able to have breakfast with extra virgin olive oil and our tubermelano sporum is a daily pleasure available to everyone."

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