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At Manjares de la Tierra we promote our origins, the traditions of our region,Teruel, as well as our products and nature itself.


We take care of our sector and our environment with a firm commitment to offering the best truffles—the black diamonds that we pull directly out from the ground.

We are in Sarrión, the place where truffles orignate. Our truffles have this clear and well known origin for Sarrión has always had privileged conditions for this fungus, in terms of climate and geography (altitude) or edapholoyl (soil).

This is where we had forests full of natural truffles and where, after extensive research and development, we have succeeded in taking care of the countryside using sustainable and ecological methods so that our land continues to produce truffles; because we are at the heart of the truffle where the best truffles in the world grow.


We are transparent and ensure that our truffles only come from our local suppliers—100% authentic delicacies— and from here.

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